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Drone Magnetic Surveys in Progress at Playfair’s RKV Project, Norway

November 10, 2020

Playfair has engaged Mobile Geophysical Technologies GmbH (MGT) to carry out detailed drone magnetic surveys over six selected areas of Playfair’s RKV Project in Norway.

Surveys will cover 12.75 square kilometres at a 50m flight altitude using a 50m line spacing for a total of 285 survey line-kilometres.

MGT is a German based geophysical company with a special emphasis on drone-based systems to provide a cost-efficient geophysical exploration service. The surveys are ongoing with completion of data collection expected by mid-November.

The aeromagnetic survey is being executed using MGT’s DroneMag system, a multirotor UAV outfitted with a vector magnetometer. The unmanned aircraft is configured as a X-8 built octocopter. The DroneMag system uses a 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer.

Playfair Mining’s 100% owned RKV copper-cobalt-nickel project currently encompasses 344 square kilometers in a historic mining area about 100 km south of Trondheim by road. The Norwegian Geological Survey (NGU) has recorded, usually sampled, and analyzed 75 sulphide localities contained in 29 “Deposit Areas” on the RKV Project. The NGU “Ore Database” records historic production from four Deposit Areas, including two historic copper mines, Kvikne and Røstvangen. A drilled nickel-copper deposit, Vakkerlien also occurs on the property.

Playfair has used an extensive digital database, AI targeting (CARDS) and MMI geochemistry to focus on these initial six areas in preparation for a drill program.

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There is no green future without minerals. The road to a cleaner environment includes batteries. Batteries use copper, nickel, and cobalt.

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